Kari Casting

Kari Casting has been providing extras casting services in Manitoba since 2001, including major studio and independent films, television, commercials, music videos and more. Kari Casting has worked on such high profile productions as Big White, featuring Robin Williams and Giovanni Ribisi; television special Category 7; and Guy Maddin’s The Saddest Music in the World featuring Isabella Rossellini.

Kari Rieger started working in extras casting — her first project was popular YTV series 2030 CE — she
neglected to name her one ­woman company, which has unintentionally established itself as Kari Casting.

Kari Casting is able to accommodate both small and large productions, from 2 to over 2500 extras and
hopes to expand to principal casting in the near future. For a complete list of Kari Casting work, please
visit Previous Projects.

Kari Rieger

Kari Rieger, like many in the film world, started out wanting to act. As an extra in Sean Garrity’s critically-acclaimed Inertia film (2001), Kari began to meet other people in the local industry and did work as a production assistant on a commercial for Clodhoppers. She began working with Jim Heber as a casting assistant for two years before starting Kari Casting.