Welcome to karicasting.com, the home of KARI CASTING, ­ your source for casting and extras casting in Manitoba for film, television, commercials, and more.

Interested in being an extra? Check out the Announcements section for our latest projects. You can also learn more about how to become an extra in the Extras Info section and get involved in extra work by filling in the Extras Casting Form.

***Please note: This is an INFORMATION website only, updated by Kari Rieger, a local Extras Casting Director in Winnipeg. KARI CASTING is NOT an AGENCY. Extras do not have to pay a fee to have their names in our roster. Extras are not paid by Kari Casting, they are paid by the Film’s Production Company.

For Productions looking to cast a commercial, film etc., please contact us directly: info@karicasting.com

VERY IMPORTANT: You NEVER ever have to pay to APPLY to be an extra in Manitoba. Don’t fall for any false or misleading ads from casting agencies claiming they can guarantee you work if you pay to be on file with them. There should ABSOLUTELY be no fee or “registration fee” to have your name on anyone’s roster.

Anyone interested in extra work simply has to send in a completed application form attached with a photo. If you have the appropriate look for a specific production, we will contact you. We (Extras Casting Directors) cannot guarantee anyone work because the selections are often made by Directors/Producer.

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